Class YNotebook

Shared implementation of the Shared Document types.

Shared cells can be inserted into a SharedNotebook. Shared cells only start emitting events when they are connected to a SharedNotebook.

"Standalone" cells must not be inserted into a (Shared)Notebook. Standalone cells emit events immediately after they have been created, but they must not be included into a (Shared)Notebook.





_changed: Signal<YNotebook, NotebookChange> = ...
_disableDocumentWideUndoRedo: boolean
_metadataChanged: Signal<YNotebook, IMapChange<any>> = ...
_ycellMapping: WeakMap<YMap<any>, YCellType> = ...
_ycells: YArray<YMap<any>> = ...

Internal Yjs cells list

cells: YCellType[]

Cells list

version: string = '1.0.0'

Document version

ymeta: YMap<any> = ...

YJS map for the notebook metadata


  • get awareness(): Awareness
  • Shared awareness

    Returns Awareness

  • get disposed(): ISignal<this, void>
  • A signal emitted when the document is disposed.

    Returns ISignal<this, void>

  • get undoManager(): UndoManager
  • YJS document undo manager

    Returns UndoManager

  • get ydoc(): Doc
  • YJS document.

    Returns Doc

  • get ystate(): YMap<any>
  • Shared state

    Returns YMap<any>


  • Handle a change to the ystate.


    • events: YEvent<any>[]

    Returns void

  • Handle a change to the list of cells.


    • event: YArrayEvent<YMap<any>>

    Returns void

  • Override the notebook with a JSON-serialized document.


    • value: INotebookContent

      The notebook

    Returns void

  • Returns some metadata associated with the notebook.

    If no key is provided, it will return all metadata. Else it will return the value for that key.


    Notebook's metadata.

    Returns INotebookMetadata

  • Returns a metadata associated with the notebook.


    Notebook's metadata.


    • key: string

      Key to get from the metadata

    Returns undefined | PartialJSONValue

  • Move cells.


    • fromIndex: number
    • toIndex: number
    • n: number = 1

    Returns void

  • Sets some metadata associated with the notebook.

    If only one argument is provided, it will override all notebook metadata. Otherwise a single key will be set to a new value.


    • metadata: INotebookMetadata

      All Notebook's metadata or the key to set.

    Returns void

  • Sets a metadata associated with the notebook.


    • metadata: string

      The key to set.

    • value: PartialJSONValue

      New metadata value

    Returns void

  • Perform a transaction. While the function f is called, all changes to the shared document are bundled into a single event.


    • f: (() => void)
        • (): void
        • Returns void

    • undoable: boolean = true

    Returns void

  • Updates the metadata associated with the notebook.


    • value: Partial<INotebookMetadata>

    Returns void

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