The jupyter_ydoc repository includes various models that JupyterLab uses for collaborative editing. These models use a specific implementation of a CRDT, the Y-CRDTs. To be more precise, the JavaScript package uses yjs, while the Python package uses pycrdt.

Jupyter YDoc was designed to centralize the data structures used for composing a document in a single class, hide the complicated edge cases of CRDTs, and prevent users from inserting invalid data or adding new attributes to the document that are not part of the schema.

This repository holds a JavaScript package and its Python counterpart. In the JupyterLab context, the JavaScript package, or from now on, @jupyter/ydoc, contains the front-end models used to keep the documents in the client’s memory. In contrast, the Python package contains the models used in the back-end to serve documents to each client.


Built on top of yjs, @jupyter/ydoc is a JavaScript package that includes the models used in the JupyterLab front-end for real-time collaboration. This package contains two main classes, YFile used for plain text documents and YNotebook used for the Notebook format. In the JupyterLab context, we call the models exported by this package, shared models. In addition, this package contains the IShared interfaces used to abstract out the implementation of the shared models in JupyterLab to make it easier to replace the CRDT implementation (Yjs) for something else if needed.

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API documentation:: JavaScript API


Built on top of pycrdt, jupyter-ydoc is a Python package that includes the models used in the JupyterLab back-end for representing collaborative documents.

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API documentation:: Python API